Thursday Thankfulness: Table Top Tree

We have a few nice crystal ornaments that really ought to be hung on a Christmas tree. For the past several weeks, even before thoughts of thanksgiving came around, I imagined what type of tree we might get if we ever did. Every time Puffer and I went out, to any kind of store at this point, we’d eventually approach the holiday section and I would point out how this one tree could be our tree or that this other tree could be “the one”. And I mean these trees ranged from small, drooping Dr. Seuss style potted saplings, to towering, bauble-decked and pre-lit artificial conifers.

But to be honest, neither of us really wanted to spend that much on Christmas decorations especially since we just renovated our kitchen. I’m still pending on getting a wreath for our front door and Puffer is searching for a great deal on Christmas stockings. However, one thing I thought we really should not debate on was a tablecloth for the metal table we brought inside for the winter.

So earlier this week, we made it to TJ Maxx and spotted a mistletoe-patterned tablecloth. This TJ Maxx happened to sit right next to a Saver’s and I persuaded Puffer to pop in for a little bit. And BEHOLD, I saw it. Barely a foot tall and only $1.99. Of course, it was fake and had nothing on it unlike the snowy ones with burlap bases that usually cost at least $10 at Target.

I do not know what it is about miniatures and little replicas that are so enjoyable but I took that tree home, no hesitation, and decorated it with my tiny stash of mini lights and ornaments. It now sits on our dining table and signals to all that we too have delved into the holiday spirit.

Not surprisingly, our crystal ornaments do not hang well on this small tree -and not for a lack of trying. I will eventually work out how and where to display them. For now, I’m grateful for this adorable little tree.


Monday Mundane Moments

Tomatoes, then onion, then peppers and so on. I tried to pour a little salt but I guess I shook once too aggressively and a tiny avalanche of sea salt dumped into the pico. The spoon I should have used to add the salt I now used to scoop out the excess mound of salt. I say that I should have used the spoon but what I really mean is, practice make perfect so next time I will try again and refuse to use the spoon.

Wednesday Wondering

Where did the time go? Countless hours were swept away by untold bouts of tears and laughter, empty nights and full mornings, deep valleys and staggering peaks. So the days have transpired with just as many lethargic periods punctuated by little revelations of how life ought to be, or could be, and how it is.

Thursday Thankfulness

I made it through my February challenge! Starting next Monday I’ll have a whole new schedule -a.k.a. standard work hours… but I better still make time to write or the whole purpose of this post per day challenge will be for naught!

Wednesday Wondering

This Starbucks is playing their Favorite Film Music Spotify playlist. Songs like “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and “My Heart Will Go On” and “Listen” is making it difficult to focus. All I want to do is sing along…

I was tempted to replace my topic to a Wednesday Woe post just so I could complain but I’ve already done a rant not too long ago… No point in reliving these kind of troubles unless it’ll get you something -like free flyer miles after submitting a formal written complaint about the flight attendant spilling tomato juice all over you. Which, by the way, did NOT happen to me.

Anyway, every time I come to a cafe like this one, with people vigorously tapping away on laptops or discussing some kind of business, I like to imagine what kind of activities they might be up to. What could he be looking at with laser focus on his Mac? What are they talking about so excitedly that involve patents and dollar figures? What is she writing in her notebook, ever so lazily with the occasional pause and sigh? And why is that pastry-eating child staring at me?

And then my thoughts veer to the hundreds of individuals that have passed through the cafe’s doors just today. I wonder how many of their lives are more hectic than mine or more exciting or more routine. And I wonder what kind of ideas are conjured by the sight me? Especially that child who is finished with is pastry but still keeping an eye on me, albeit more discreetly, while his parents chat together in Spanish. Three times now I’ve caught his gaze and he’s abruptly turned his head away each time.




Tuesday Tiny Tale

There was movement outside. It was almost midnight but something or someone had cast a momentary shadow from the streetlamp just in front of the house.

Maddie slid out of bed. She peeked through the gap between her window curtains. Moths flit around the streetlamp. All was still otherwise. She stood there for a few seconds, straining her eyes and ears.

Nothing. If not her then surely the cameras would detect anyone sneaking around. Still, Maddie waited, unable to fall asleep anyway. The suburbs were too quiet. They said it was safer here.

Finally, Maddie climbed back into bed. The squeaking mattress and ruffling of her blanket seemed much too loud. As she pulled the sheets over herself she thought she heard barking in the distance. She stopped to listen and kept her eyes on the window.

Then she heard the bedroom door creak behind her.

Monday Mundane Moments

I took a nap this afternoon. It was terrible when my 25 min timer went off. I could not get up. Instead, I dismissed the alarm and slept for another hour.