Green Dragon

Here I am in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania visiting my grandparents. We visited the weekly Green Dragon market where over a hundred vendors(many of them Amish) sold all kinds of goods. I loved the Amish wood furniture and the smell of homemade foods. They had everything from socks to winter coats, pocketknives to suitcases, roasted nuts to liver puddings (I’m not sure what that would taste like), dolls’ dresses to  cherry wood bed frames. We were there all morning and came back to the house after lunch. I pretty much lay around afterwards reading and surfing the web.

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving 5:30 am (at least that’s the plan) to go back to school so I’m just gonna pack and get ready to leave tonight. I’m looking forward to another semester while wishing break was longer. But through the ups and downs it’s been a good winter break.


What are your thoughts?

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