Writing Break… Sort of

So I have an incredible amount of work to do for this quad. For one of my writing classes I have to write a story for every week day this month and I’m reading a lot for one Literature class. I’m also in the midst of planning a Gospel Choir tour to Texas. And then there’s work. I’m still figuring out whether I’ll be able to fit the second job I had last semester as a lab assistant… Ah if only I didn’t need to save so much money to study in England this summer. With all these things I helplessly ask God for inspiration and  grace. As today’s chapel speaker mentioned, if we are within God’s will, He will always provide. And even it’s hard, a special joy that only God can give sustains me.

Thus I will be taking a break from WordPress until my classes cool down which may not be until next quad (March). I hope I can write here and there before then…


What are your thoughts?

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