Just Another Friday Night

Every week I plan to use Friday night productively and catch up on schoolwork but that never seems to happen. Still, today has been a great day.

After my regular morning routine I took the online 5 love languages test. According my results Acts of Service is my major love language. Words of Affirmation  and Quality Time follow not that closely behind. My lowest was Gift Giving which I’m not surprised because it sometimes feels like a waste of time to spend time looking for a gift when I could be spending that time just being in a person’s presence -not that I have anything against gift shopping or making.

Following breakfast, Chapel was good and I enjoyed my music class. We listened to some reggae and Native American music. When I came out of class the snow was so bright I had to squint for a second against the glaring white. I then had to trudge over to the Student Accounts office for some errands. Lit with a smile I could see many people were in a good mood as we exchanged ‘hey’s and ‘how are you’s.

Then I had a lovely lunch with a friend. We talked about some of the little things and big things of life.

Since my second class of the day had a planned cancellation I met with a classmate around 2 to work on our Flannery O’Connor’s Wiseblood presentation in the library until 5:30pm at which time I had a dinner date with most of my awesome roommates. Eating with them is always a hoot, full of intriguing discussions and hearty laughter.

Next on my list was getting introduced to an anime but not finishing the first episode because I went to Latin Dance Club where I learned the basic steps to Colombian Salsa dancing. I left early though to watch Air Jam (performances accompanied by music often silly and funny) with some of the other dancers and ended up talking a bit with a former classmate.

Upon the end of Air Jam I played pool for the first time in a while with a friend who I hadn’t hung out in while. But as we started I caught sight of some peeps dancing in the Stupe (our schools little burger joint) and couldn’t help but join them after losing against my opponent in pool.

Finally I came back to the room right as my brother and another guy friend had to leave the floor. Finding I was hungry I broke one of my rules by eating ramen that my roommate lovingly cooked. It was a half and hour before midnight when we finished.

Back in our room I strummed a few chords on Merci while another roommate plucked at her ukulele. And now I am sitting on my desk ready to fall into a long slumber.


What are your thoughts?

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