April Fools’ Day

As I wait for the motivation to work, the motivation to close half the tabs on the screen, I wonder about this day. April Fools’ Day.

Why do we find it so humorous to see the reaction of people getting tricked? Why do I? Is there some kind of power I receive in being able to fool someone? It’s like we are, for a day, celebrating deception. Or is it a way to put everyone on the same playing field? I wish I had the energy and time to really think about this…

I’m not going to question all the intentions of this holiday though. I love to laugh so I enjoy the friendly pranks and joke so long as it stays as a light jab at pride and dignity rather than a source of painful shame or utter humiliation.

Well, tomorrow is a full day so I shall try to focus on some work before bed.


What are your thoughts?

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