Two Weeks of Summer Gone By…

This summer has only begun but I feel as though I’ve done a lot already! It’s only been two weeks to the day since I left Wheaton College.

God’s Grace

God’s been teaching me a lot about myself just in the threshold of summer and I’m anxious and really grateful at the same time. Not having classes has allowed me to devote more time to reflection and meditation. The Bible continues to challenge me in such a way that I can barely handle a few verses a day. There is so much I must overcome and grow out of and into. I’ve often been a slacker yet a conviction from the Holy Spirit is hard to ignore. There are people I must still forgive and learn to love better. There are people whom I must ask for their forgiveness and learn to love better. Forgiveness is only the tip of the iceberg too. Surrounded by people who love me despite seeing so many of my flaws, from a baby to now, I cannot miss how insufficient my own expression of love is. These people are truly God-sent inspirations for me to be a better person.

What I’ve been up to

The place my Dad found for us is quite unique and different from my past experiences of what I called “home.” We call it temporary and so far it has been for us and will be for me for a while longer.

A few days after moving out of my dorm, me, my dad, and brother drove up to Pennsylvania and New York  to visit my Aunt(Gomo), Uncle(Gomobu), cousin Naomi(Unhee), and grandparents. We watched Iron man 3 in Lancaster County in the little Ephrata theatre.

We(me and my cousin’s family) went to New Hampshire with some international grad students, attending Stevens Institute of Technology, who were from Shanghai and Beijing. On Saturday we hiked an 8.8 mile loop in which we climbed up Mount Lafayette and Mount Lincoln. There were a lot of French Canadians also enjoying the hike. It was quite the experience. I learned some stuff about cairns too. I loved the view from the heights we reached (I still need to upload the photos!) However, the following couple days were full of aching steps up stairs and whole body sore mornings.

Tuesday, while we were visiting a grandmother, I got a little haircut -trim really, and we played Phase 10 till 10pm!

Today, well actually Wednesday, I watched my first professional baseball game live at Citifield stadium where the NY Mets and Cincinnati Reds were playing. It was fun and exciting with the roaring crowd, roasted peanuts, and the game itself. I did get a bit too much heat though.

Meanwhile I’ve also been reading a couple books for my Wheaton and England summer classes and they’re good reads so far. Only a few more weeks before I fly out of this country for the first time in my life! I also got sucked into playing Candy Crush on Gomo’s Ipad because I don’t have an Iphone like my dad or brother. I’ve also been watching random korean drama ~I like the cheesiness too much sometimes. I wish I would write more but it seems that I always save that for last. Also, Gospel Choir is in the middle of tour dialogue for the next spring break.

Friend News

I’ve hardly gotten to catch up with friends outside of Wheaton College. I have been a negligent friend once again. There are some people I wish I could talk to face to face but it seems sometimes fewer words exchanged and more praying is all I can do and in some cases that is what is necessary.

I am pretty excited for one friend in particular who is studying in China right now 🙂 I’m also looking forward to see some of my dear friends who will be in Chicago region when I get back.

Right Now

I am packing a bit more before I go to sleep. In a couple hours I’ll wake up from a short night’s rest to head back to Chicago. I pray the adventures continue! Goodnight, and may the Lord keep you tonight/this morning!


What are your thoughts?

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