To London I Go!

Today I leave for the UK. Never have I left North America or even the United States really(except when I was a baby I was told I visited Canada). I may have moved around often, but the different cultures I’ve been exposed to have always been diffused, in varying level, into the American culture. My own mixed culture has contributed to a respectable degree of adaptability and appreciation for many kinds of diversity, yet I do not doubt I will not have truly been tested until I visit another country. I’m kind of anxious… But I’m so grateful that I can go.

I’m really glad that at least language won’t be a huge barrier. I hope that will make it easier whenever I am at a loss of how I should properly behave and react in certain situations. It may take great effort though to speak more quietly after years of having my teachers and relatives tell me to project and speak up. At the same time, my tendencies to mumble things quietly or whisper under my breath might be fixed somewhat -people might actually hear what I say!

Well, I must leave soon… Goodbye America!


What are your thoughts?

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