Saturday Stuff in London!

22 June 2013

Past: Our study abroad group (WiE) went around to some of the garden squares in Bloomsbury, where our hotel sits pretty central on London. I spent about six hours at the British Museum pouring over artifacts (and some interesting people) mostly by myself but meeting up with random people near the end; I want to go back because there’s still so many that things I didn’t get a good look at. Then the evening was at Covent Garden watching street shows, eating from Battersea Pie and Ben’s Cookies, and generally having a good time. I also stopped by a pub with some ladies and found it a fairly quiet night. 

Present: I don’t really have the energy to blog or record in my journal much and I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures so I hope I can keep these memories for a while. I still have to work on homework and projects during this time of tourism so that’s a bummer -but we have some free time.

Future: I bought some tickets yesterday to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this Thursday and, finally, Phantom of the Opera next Saturday! With WiE I’ll also be watching The Tempest and Macbeth at the Globe. Tomorrow WiE will be having service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, then I might go to a Hillsong service, then we’re visiting the Museum of London.

Praise the Lord for all the fun and that I’m back in my room safe and sound! Here are a few pics of us from the last few days:

Bob with a random background
Lydia and me at Covent Gardens
Geoffrey, Dr. Colon, and Sarah


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