Pigeon Property

After days of traveling around and visiting cathedrals, abbeys, and castles, we’ve finally arrived at Oxford. So much has happened I couldn’t share it all in one sitting. The days have begun to blur a bit so I’m glad I kept a, albeit hasty, journal. If I don’t blog about my adventures then I shall certainly allude to them at some point.

The dorm I’m staying at is part of St. Anne’s College. Their furniture arrangement is a a little unexpected and there isn’t a mirror in my room but I love the window seat and size of the place. On the 3rd floor I have an excellent view of several roofs, including the dining hall glass dome-like structure, and since I’m in a sort of corner room I can see the activity along Woodstock Road. One of my favorite parts is that right in front of my window is a Wood Pigeon nesting on shaking boughs. I can see the chicks when they stick their grey heads out of their bowl of twigs, tumbling over each other when their mother isn’t home. The mother eyed  me very suspiciously when I first climbed on the window seat to get a closer look. If I leave the window open I can hear her fly away or the flaps of her arrival.

That’s all for now. I truly can’t express how excited and grateful I am to be here!



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