Tuesday Tiny Tale #8

Ashley wasn’t late to class but there were only three open seats left and none of them was a good idea. One seat was in the front, which she didn’t mind, but it was next to Michelle who was always sniffling and sneezing with careless aim, spraying anyone within 3 feet perimeter. Another seat was in the back corner but that was right behind Steve, the boy with the stinkiest feet that Ashley had the most unfortunate chance of smelling… and then gagging. The third seat was left and center, a good location had Josh, the creeper who always stared at her in class, not been sitting right beside it. It was one of the most difficult seating arrangements Ashley had ever had to choose from. Would she risk getting hit by saliva? Or be resigned with breathing through her shirt sleeves? Or should she have to endure that silent and harassing gaze so close? Her troubling predicament called for a new kind of fortitude and graciousness that Ashley had to bear. With determined steps, she took her seat.


What are your thoughts?

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