Minimal Work on Labor Day

Well, it’s been over a month since I left England and so much has happened during the last few days of summer and the beginning of my junior year in Wheaton College. Today, so much has not happened.

The Hwangs(Grace and Michelle who are not related to each other at all) I live with and I took the Metra to Chicago to get some studying done at a cafe. With so many shops closed for the holiday I suppose it isn’t a surprise that it was fairly quiet. We stayed for most of the while in a Cosi cafe, eating lunch there and getting distracted by the music and each other.

While my friends took each took a heavy backpack I only to a purse with one book. On the train to the city I regretted that I did not bring more work with me and  I worried that I didn’t have enough for however long we would devote studying. It was all for naught. It was terrible how slow my reading progress was! I read a little over one chapter of a single book in the span of the three hours we “studied” at the cafe. Granted we ate and talked but I began to be wonder how I got anything done last year and how again I would get everything done this year.

The common Christian answer to “How will I survive this year and actually do a decent job of it?” is “by the grace of God.” Hmm… that’s a phrase I’ve heard often used in a half-serious and half-joking tone, a trite response that is both profoundly true yet needs to be unpacked to be made applicable to our lives.

Well I’m not going to unpack all that tonight. However, it is with great sincerity that I say it is by the grace of God I am living here at Wheaton College with awesome apartment mates, taking exciting courses with commendable professors, getting to worship with the Gospel Choir family, attending our dear Hanmee Jubilee church, developing deeper relationships while adding new ones through my classes, the club offices, the neighbors, etc. Is it even possible to count my blessings?

It is with equal sincerity that I say I will be able to live out this precious year I’ve been granted with Christ as my foundation and end victoriously ONLY by the grace of God who loves me like none other.


What are your thoughts?

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