Happy Sick

What started as an innocent little cough yesterday morning has transformed into a malicious chunk of burning coal caught in my throat, building smoke and pressure into my head and stealing my voice and ability for critical thinking. Perhaps I made it worse by breathing in sawdust for hours, singing for hours, talking for hours, and laughing for hours. Last night I came in just past 10 pm and found myself unable to speak above a low raspy whisper.

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Coincidentally(or by divine providence) I was planning to go to SOFA today for my sculpture class field trip so I had already planned for missing two classes. Even though it’s a bummer to miss all those galleries I’m am grateful for a early weekend break. As I stay bed/couch ridden there are many things my mind keeps wanting to do but I get dizzy and overheated if I get too active.

Things I feel urged to do since I’m home alone but shouldn’t:

  • Clean the kitchen
  • Do laundry
  • Sing loudly
  • Organize my desk and closet
  • Cook fancier dishes than just rice

Things I should do but feel resistant to:

  • Sleeping almost all day
  • Laying down
  • Reading Moby Dick, Abolition of Man, and Pathologies of Power for school
  • Sign up for nanowrimo and actually write
  • Drink lots of hot water

Things I am doing:

  • Watching youtube videos
  • Sitting on the couch and wrapped in a blanket
  • Sniffling coughing my lungs out
  • Reading blogs
  • Writing this thing
  • Cooking rice and eating it
  • Drinking honey water
  • Waiting for my roommates to come home

Things I plan and hope to do today:

  • Nap here and there
  • Listen to worship music and instrumentals
  • Read at least a little of my assigned books
  • Maybe write a poem and draw
  • Get better, at least enough to eat dinner at the school cafeteria

This is only the second time this semester that I’ve gotten really sick and both times I realized how much of a break I needed. So oddly enough I’m really glad I am physically encouraged to rest. I guess being with people all the time has taken its toll on me once again. I’m also super glad that it’s around the weekend again that I’m stuck at home. Missing more than a day of classes can get really stressful.

Happy Friday People!


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