“When in doubt, don’t tell.”

So advises C.S. Lewis in one of his letters to Mary in Letters to an American Lady. 

How many times must I restrain myself? Honestly, I talk too much. It is an area I’m still working on. Why do I feel the need to fill the half void between me and another person with dialogue? Similar to Lewis, I have at times regretted saying certain things while rarely regretting the times I bit my tongue and held back. I should know by now that not all needs to be said and that the extra, sometimes trivial, sometimes just not necessary, things I say only perpetuate a practice of transferring unimportant, fleeting, and quickly forgotten information. Controversies, debates, drawn out arguments and the like can often be avoided simply by holding back that one irritating thought. If I’m not sure how a tidbit of information will be received(as in, it might end in discord or hurtful gossip) it is better to keep that trap shut!

This is not to say that I want stop the intriguing yet silly or strange conversations that I have with my roommates. But I do feel as though I have used many a night talking when I could(arguably, should) have been working. Many hours have I spent is circular debates and provocative discussions that could have been saved for later or never. 

Moral of the Story: Be slow to speak and it’s okay, sometimes good, to shush yourself before you let something slip.


What are your thoughts?

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