Tuesday Tiny Tale #10

A butterfly gaily fluttered through the rose bushes. It was sunshine yellow with midnight veins. It paused here and there, lightly resting on petals,    flap     flap      flap  flap     flap. Amazing! You have to get a closer look. Slowly, you creep towards the gentle creature. It takes flight and lands on the other side of the rosebed. Another try, your hands are ready to scoop the dainty lady in a fleshy orb. Again! Patience. Dexterity. You are those and more. You have a go. As quick as anything you’ve caught it. You’ve also caught a single large thorn.  You curse in you heart and yank away but refuse to let go of your precious cargo. The shock and force of your reflexes crush the fragile creature and you feel the bent satin wings shudder in you fists. Your fingers uncurl and the misshapen butterfly crumples down into the rose bushes, jerking its jagged wings.


What are your thoughts?

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