From a Cup of Coffee to the Meaning of Life

I was talking to a friend the other day and he shared with me how he had started critiquing everything. The first question that came to mind was whether he had thus become cynical about life. Then, seeing as this was not the case, I welcomed him to the world of a “life critic.”

Now I am not talking about that pessimistic person with a skewed and negative view of everything in life. I’m talking about stopping to ponder the purpose or significance of a small gesture, an unquestioned habit, a fleeting thought, a pattern taken for granted, and many other occurrences that exist in this life. Perhaps it is a philosophical or anthropological way of doing things.

It’s not as frequent as it once was when so many random things would jump out at me and I would have to take a moment to consider how absurd, how simple, how convoluted, how difficult, how fragile, and how wonderful life could be. And this can all be done the next time you drink a cup of coffee and ask yourself, “why are you, really, drinking that coffee?” I don’t mean to question everything but to be aware of who I am and what I’m doing with the single precious life I have on earth. Maybe somewhere along the way I’ll realize there’s a better way of doing things, a more helpful, and a more fun way.



What are your thoughts?

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