Did I bring home the cold?

Somehow I am back in Missouri, a place I spent a happy part of my childhood in(about 11 years ago). The first memories that pop into my head are a field of night flowers, bunnies playing at night, and Barbecues with family friends. I remember little peach trees, a white-blossomed dogwood, and magnolia tree with big, shiny, leaves.

Except for the day of arrival, it has been wet and cold here. I have no desire to go outside in the drizzle though I would have liked to take an explorative walk. My dad warned me not to bring any warm clothes because he said it was so hot. Fortunately I still brought a couple pairs of long pants and my orange Wheaton College hoodie. It’s predicted to be warmer tomorrow although still cloudy with a decent chance of showers. Perhaps I will take a walk and get some errands done if that is the case.

It’s really my own fault that my fingertips and toes are chilled. If I were more active I’d probably have better circulation and more body heat in general. I’m kind of used to it though. The real bummer is that the weather makes me feel like I should still be in Chicagoland with my friends. But I am here and most of my friends have scattered all over the world while a handful are still in Illinois (Thank you Lord for keeping them all safe!).

Even though I like meeting new people and making new friends, knowing that I’ll only be here for a couple months takes away some of my motivation. Alas, I need energy! I have not seen a familiar face (excluding my brother and dad) since leaving Wheaton College last Sunday. I feel drained for the lack of my usual company. I did visit The Library Center, a.k.a. The Library Station. Everything was so spaced out like the rest of Missouri. I can’t help comparing the roominess to the more compact aisles and shelves of New York City.

Anyway, the point is, I am cold and wish there were people filling some of the emptiness around me.



What are your thoughts?

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