The Bible Belt, Bad Cooking, and Bearing a Slight Chill

It was beautiful outside. The trees were gently waving at me to come out and play in the sun. I almost took walk. Almost.

Last night I walked around our neighborhood and saw a lot of churches. Today on our way to the specifically korean grocery store (I say “the” since I think it’s the only one in Springfield, MO), I saw churches on almost every block (kind of like Wheaton). I looked in the mirror today and realized I was wearing my Wheaton College hoodie over my Messiah College t-shirt and had my cross necklace on. Indeed, this is the Bible belt and I’m almost dressing the part…

In other news, I failed in cooking Spam… SPAM. Spam my friends, is already cooked. How does one fail at cooking something that is already cooked? Well for my part, I could not decide between boiling and frying so it came out as something in between with onions on top. Also we had a box of Jiffy cornbread mix that needed to be used so that was made. But eating the box cornbread made me want to eat real cornbread, iron skillet and cut in wedges, traditional cornbread. That will be on my list of things to make one day. On the plus side, for dinner, the pasta’s texture was good according to my broski. I guess I’d have to be pretty bad to really mess up rotini.

Also, I thought I was just being a wimp and that the house wasn’t as cold as I felt. Then my dad let me know that it was 65 degrees inside and this in midday. Why did I not turn the heater on? Because I had lost confidence in my ability to gage the temperature while I was in Chicagoland. I should have known it really has been cold because my goldfish has not been very active.

Thus I spent my Friday fairly uneventful. A little paperwork here and there, experimental cooking, chores, and some music.


What are your thoughts?

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