We are Hardy Men and Woman

I was sweeping the kitchen floor when I saw an ant… then another… and a couple others. In my mind I was thinking, dang it, I hate killing bugs! Not because I’m I’m afraid of them or because I think they’re gross. Actually, it’s because I like them. I find them fascinating and a regular hat tip towards an amazing Creator.

Well, as much as I like insects, especially the respectable ants, I prefer most of them stay outside the house. So I got a piece of paper towel and began squishing them. Now I am experienced enough with these crawlers to know that you really need to squash them to kill them. Their hard little bodies are very strong. En masse, they can be a true force to be reckoned with.

As I was squishing them I noticed that some of them were still twitching or rebounding back to shape and crawling on my paper towel and kitchen tiles. A double, nay a triple squish was necessary for some of them. I didn’t want them to suffer so I tried to kill them as quickly as possible. In the midst of my ant killing spree I was reminded of just how resilient ants are. How many tiny humans(if there were any) could survive a giant hand smashing down on them(okay the physics of it is kind of weird to think about).

But honestly, we are broken so easily. If an ant fell from a tree, it would probably survive. If a human fell off a proportionately similar height, like a 40 story building, I have a feeling our chances are not good. I suppose it’s not fair to judge man’s resilience with an ants. For one, we don’t have an exoskeleton that would protect us from the batterings of a giant hand.

As fragile our bodies and as delicate our minds are, people are still very resilient too. When I think of the kind of sufferings and hardships that  people go through on a daily basis and in a lifetime, all things considered, a lot of us come out as pretty decent fellows. And when we can’t help ourselves, and it’s too much to handle, we have each other to help us heal and persevere. Humans were made that way, to use teamwork to rebound and thrive. Just another part of living in a community. I’m really grateful for the people who have been there to comfort and support me during my times of difficulty and I hope I can be there for others too.

Speaking of teamwork, here’s one community of ants that knows teamwork:



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