Not so camouflaged Sammie


Some of the landscape in  the area.
Some of the landscape in the area.

Sometime before 5am and after 4am I woke up in heated discomfort. It was still too dim to see anything apart from the window that emitted the slightest cool air. I struggled in vain to slide up the glass. Finally, I turned on the AC. It was only 78 degrees in Fahrenheit but I felt like I was overheating, especially with the exertion from my failed window endeavor.  I guess I’m just not that tolerant to temperature changes. It took me awhile to fall back asleep but sleep I did.

I don’t why it was so hot inside the hotel room when it was in the low 60s outside. Anyway, I’m in Excelsior Springs, MO.  A small town kind of city with a population just over 11,000 as of a couple years ago and about 10.45 square miles in size. There isn’t much to do here per se  but I followed my dad on a business trip to possibly the fanciest historic spot(and non-historic spot) the town has to offer. Without realizing that I was visiting a slightly more posh place than my usual ventures I packed much more casual clothes. Not that it mattered since I would’ve stuck out anyway with the city’s racial distribution of about a sixth of a percent being Asian as of 2012.

People here are, no doubt,  quite friendly -as American’s in a resort generally are. Yet my smiles are occasionally met with the disconcerted hesitation of one who is understandably unfamiliar with certain minorities. I take no offence of course. However, this has, one might say, the unfortunate ability to heighten my self-awareness as an Asian in a pool of White people. Less than mild, it is hardly pain I suffer since it’s not prejudice or condescending glances of sympathy that I’m faced with. I feel like I simply stand out because of my minority and not because I sense superiority vibes from others.

Honestly, I like to blend in. Honestly, that is nigh impossible here. Soon, I’ll get used to temperature fluctuations and my body will be fine. Eventually too, I will get comfortable again in my setting(I’ll be here until Friday) and in my non-white skin. I hope neither takes too long. Meanwhile, I am in a good place to relax.

Lap Pool in Elms Hotel & Spa
Lap Pool in Elms Hotel & Spa

There also happens to be a three day artists’ conference here by the Stained Glass Association of America so I got to see some cool stained glass pieces and peek into one of the stained glass painting classes.

Copper Willow from the SGAA exhibition
Copper Willow from the SGAA exhibition
A Spongebob Square Coat of Arms from the SCAA exhibition
A Spongebob Square Coat of Arms from the SCAA exhibition

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