Excelsior Springs Cuisine

In the comfort of my bedroom I shall review some of our victual adventures in Excelsior Springs. Here is our list:

Wabash BBQ

-An old train station converted into a restaurant with its own separate smoke house, this place is a local celebrity (actually, in a town so small, that may not be saying much). Still the food was decent although the ribs were a little jerky-ish and I made the mistake of getting shrimp once. I do like their catfish with corn nuggets and their half a chicken. The staff is pretty friendly with the exception of one lady that was a little rude to be working as server. And when I say “a little” that is an understatement, otherwise I would not have mentioned. As it was, there was nothing we could do. They also serve a pickle with every dish and I like that.

Ventana Gourmet Grill

-A roomy and nicely decorated interior, Ventana, an Italian restaurant, serves a variety of dishes, a blend of casual and formal options. Both of the dishes I tried, the Waldorf Chicken Salad sandwich and the Popper burger, were tasty. I did want to try their tomato basil soup but they were out so was a little disappointed. Also, their pasta’s sounded good albeit a little pricey for our pockets. Our hosts were plenty friendly too.


El Maguey

-A festive Mexican food restaurant with good comida.  I think I ordered a Burritos Supremos and my dad the Enchilada Supremas. As far as Mexican authenticity I would not be a good judge. However, I really enjoyed the food. It wasn’t that spicy but their hot sauce was great. Atmosphere was excellent.

El Maguey

Ray’s Diner

-A bustling little American diner decorated with pictures, posters, and music records on every available surface. Even the counter has newspaper clippings or articles under glass. Although they are known for their burgers we tried their day’s special supreme burrito, catfish, and fries. All was good and company, as in the staff and patrons, was wonderful. Much of how it was set up and furniture are as it was since it opened in the early 1930s. As charming as everything was, I did switch from one bolted swivel chair at the counter to another one that was less wobbly all around.


Some other we places we went to on our trip was an Applebees, a Chinese buffet, and a Golden Corral. In Applebees, our waitresses were really friendly but the any meat in our dishes were a sad thing. The Chinese Buffet was really cheap and you got what you paid for… Golden Corral was good and that was not in Excelsior Springs, rather halfway back home. Although we were at The Elms, we did not eat at their restaurant, café, or tavern. However, a host named Blake did oblige us with iced tea upon my fathers request.

Hopefully I’ll be able to put up some more pics I took in Excelsior Springs but it’s late now.



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