Life is Simple

I lied. Life is not simple. Please excuse my Monday ramblings.

I’m not one for being dramatic -one might even say I’m ‘anticlimactic’ in much of my emotional expressions. I will sometimes have droughts of unperturbed composure as if incapable of feeling deeply agitated or upset. The saying goes that some people “make a mountain out of a molehill.” Is there a saying for people that make molehills out of mountains? I suppose someone who does that is either in denial or apathetic. Or perhaps it comes from an acceptance of what cannot be changed or is too difficult to change. I’ve probably been all three at different points.

Sometimes your faced with a mountain and you  fight against it, trying to push it aside as if it will budge or use bombs without realizing you could get caught in the explosion. It’s worse when people say that you are making a mountain out of a molehill or some equivalent when in reality, they only see the peak of the mountain because their looking from above and clouds are covering just how far down the base is. For others to pretend that the mountain is nothing, now that is belittling and arrogant.

I say this because most of the people I meet, I peek into just a glimpse of their lifetime and it’s hard not to categorize them, simplify their existence into sketches. I used to try to color in these sketches with bold solid colors and I still catch myself doing it without warrant. The truth is, their life may be simple and they may appear simple because we often only see the surface. It’s probably true that people all have the same universal feelings as hundreds of years ago, such as pain, love, pride, etc., but there is no two people who have lived the same life.

There may be a simple, solid, higher truth to the meaning of life, but by no means is life made less complex by it. The sheer number of lives lived, actions done, emotions felt, is somewhat overwhelming in a mysterious sort of way. Yet to see the world as completely convoluted is also an extreme way to live and probably too exhausting. Take the title of this post for example. It is very short and simple but it can represent any number of philosophical beliefs and in its vagueness can betray little to nothing. I find I meet most people as short titles that can sometimes really pinpoint who they are but usually it is only a first impression, and like all first impressions, should be read with a grain of salt.

Being too lazy, I wrote the title first then started writing my ensuing thoughts. If I ponder any longer I will probably find ways to contradict myself as is often the case for my ramblings. And then, as in most of our lives it will come to an end and be forgotten, no matter how convoluted they were.



What are your thoughts?

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