Jack of All Trades

Yesterday I visited two garage sales and for 95 cents I bought stickers, a wall ornament, different colored sands, and a 550 piece puzzle. Granted the sand and ornament weren’t for me, I still spent 60 cents on the puzzle and stickers for myself. Then at 4:44pm I cleared the living room floor and preceded to put the Christmas puzzle together. That was basically my “achievement of the day” kind of thing. Even when my dad turned off the lights to watch a movie with some friends I stubbornly turned on the kitchen light that dimly reached the living room and finished the puzzle with strained eyes.

To call that my achievement of the day made me wonder at the great things I could do and I really felt like I was what they call a “Jack of all trades, master of none” minus the “Jack” and “all” part. I’m really like a “Jill of no trades, and master of none” except that would be redundant since it goes without saying that I need a least some skills to be a master at anything. So there you have it, a Jill of no trades.

Now it would be wrong to say that I have absolutely no abilities at all, a disgrace really. In fact, I can do some things. The problem is that I’m not exercising, expanding, or developing my skills very much. That’s worse that having no ability at all. So whether I’m a Jack or Jill, with many skills or a few, it doesn’t matter if I don’t discipline myself and get a move on with the resources I’ve been given. Obviously I’m saying this as a benchmark for my journey in living better because I know my lazy tendencies. I may be exaggerating the whole “Jill of no trades” but that’s how I’m reminding myself to keep going.

“For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”  -Matthew 25:29



What are your thoughts?

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