Tuesday Tiny Tale #13

A lifetime of insecurities was formed at a tender age for Belinda when both of her parents agreed that Belinda’s older sister was most definitely the fairer one. Our society might say she was a rather homely girl. Perhaps it was in compensation that she did extremely well in school, far better than the rest of her siblings and she worked very hard. It was no surprise then that she was able to earn degrees in prestigious schools and become an accomplished business woman.

Wealth rolled in by the hundreds, then thousands, then hundred thousands, then millions. Belinda paved the way for a life of ultimate luxury. It was astonishing what money could buy -a mansion, a couple yachts, and all the most fashionable clothes in the world. For generations her family would be financially secure. She even attracted an incredibly handsome man and planned to invest in an extravagant wedding.

For all this, Belinda was dissatisfied. The one thing she lacked was a personal sense of beauty. Unaccountably successful, but equally plain-faced. Her desire to be stunning must have been the motivation for her full facial reconstruction. With one of the best known plastic surgeons, on which Belinda poured heaps of money, Belinda made complete alterations for a whole year. Nobody saw her during this time.  Except for the color of her eyes and hair, not a single feature was as it once was.

Finally, at the end of twelve months she showed herself. Stunning! they all said. The looks on her family’s and friends’ faces and their reactions when she revealed herself was a precious moment for Belinda. At once she felt worthy and loved. In that moment, Belinda truly believed that money could by happiness.


What are your thoughts?

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