Safe in My Cousin’s House

20140710_140251 In the wee hours of Monday morning I left the small-town feel of not-so-small Springfield Missouri to the Kansas City International Airport. As a standby I had a lot of waiting and rushing and transferring and weariness at airports and in front of gates.

My final itinerary, minus the stalling and flight changes, had me flying to Chicago then to Los Angeles where I spent the night at a dear friend’s house then finally to Honolulu the next day. I didn’t do much the day I arrived. The elder of my two awesome cousins picked me up and we went grocery shopping before returning to her apartment.

The next day (Tuesday) I went to the beach and for the first time in my life I got a real sunburn on my back. Before then I had only gotten the bottom of my feet burned from walking on either hot sand or concrete. Regardless I had a wonderful relaxing time of floating in the beautiful clear water and collecting tiny seashells in the coral sand. We ended the day with me following my cousin to worship band practice and (after getting persuaded by an adamant 18-year-old) geocaching which was also a first for me.

Today we went hiking and the utter fatigue and nausea that crept over me after we had barely reached halfway to the peak convicted me that I should have spent less time on the couch and more time being active and possibly outdoors. I never made it all the way to the top but I got decently close for my inadequate physique.

Thus has been my time with my cousin. I’m so thankful for her letting me stay with her for a few days. If all goes as planned I’ll be leaving Saturday night for an early fall semester in Brisbane, Australia!


What are your thoughts?

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