The Magical Land of Oz (a.k.a Australia)

Last Monday night, just shy of midnight I arrived, from a getaway in Honolulu and a layover in Fiji, to Brisbane, Australia. Already I’ve had quite a few adventures and several reminders of God’s providence and protection. I sit now at my desk in my lovely host family’s guest room, struggling to stay awake long enough to update the world (or at least the tiny spec of it that reads this) that I have survived my first day of classes.

There are many things I must adjust to but nothing drastic yet. I reckon I’m still in what they call the “honeymoon” phase of culture shock. I was told today that at the end of my 3.5 months stay I won’t want to leave and I’ll want to live here. That may be true but I dislike goodbyes already so I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t want to leave.

I find there are already apparent ways in which I can relate to the culture I’ve submerged myself in (mind you it is only a small community in Queensland that I’m in and a Christian one at that). I love the easy going nature, friendliness, and humor. My curiosity and flexibility has helped me to be pretty comfortable with the rate I’m settling in on.

I look forward to stretching myself and expanding my worldview. Mostly though, I’m excited about the new relationships being built and the stories I get hear everyday. That and I’m in Australia, not everyone has this kind of opportunity so I don’t want to waste it.

Well, I’ve hardly given any details but I’m extra tired now so I’ll leave with a sleepy smile and drooping eyelids.


What are your thoughts?

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