St Helena Island

A shot from Manly Harbour Village, where our jetty was located.

I spent the greater half of this fine summer day on a class(just the ASC students) field trip to St Helena Island(the one Moreton Bay). We rode the Cat-O’-Nine-Tails catamaran down to what was once a convict island and now a national park. Our entertaining tour guide spewed forth a lot of information about the island’s history and significance. The weather was perfect and the education interesting.

But one of the main highlights for me was that I saw my first living marsupials since coming to Australia! Sprinkled on the island were red-necked wallabies bouncing across the red dirt and dry grass. The first marsupial I actually saw was roadkill so I couldn’t count it. On the way back we saw a school of fish and a smack of blue jellyfish! And it is just like me to talk about the fauna I saw as opposed to the convict and warder stories I learned about or the ruins of the prison and sugar mill.

Us American’s had a good ol’ time along with the handful of other visitors. 




What are your thoughts?

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