Thursday Thoughts on Thinking

Thursdays are my break days. I have neither school, community service, nor church commitments on this day alone. Of all the days in a week that I blog, Thursdays should be my most consistent, right? Let me tell you, this was very intentional. So what am I doing on Thursdays? I think really really hard about things that I don’t think about the rest of the week. Yep. Call me the Thursday thinker! 

Yeah right. If anything, I’ve probably thought the least on Thursdays so far since school started again… As good as thinking is, I want to be a person of action! And I mean action beyond the homework I didn’t do during the rest of the week, or watching the pile of DVDs on my dresser. I’m really glad that I have Thursdays off. I can plan activities, relax, Skype, and catch up on my assignments. Sunbathing on our back patio is my favorite!

That said, I need to stop lounging around and DO stuff. Carpe Diem I say! Adventures and exploration await me if only I make my move! I have a little list of things I want to do while I’m here so I hope I can plan it all in well.

Also, I’m really grateful that I’m not sneezing every time the cat’s around ~only sometimes. 😀


What are your thoughts?

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