Cleaning & Sports Are Both Relevant At The Moment

Ahh, how good it feels to clean my room. My host sister had a mini spring cleaning spree(except it’s still winter here). So, I too, vacuumed my room and reorganized my furniture a bit. I like the sense of ownership I gain from moving something like my table or shifting my bed to the right. I also wanted to change the space layout to make it feel like there’s more room(not that it was crowded at all before).

Cleaning and change motivates me (so does listening to epic film scores). Although I’d rather be motivated to work on assignments I’m in the mood to create something. It’s partially because I worked at a lady’s house this morning with my Hillsong Street Team and we got to take down a rusty, half-finished, chicken wire fence and I like working with wire. Not only that, the lady’s yard was full of objects, some for her garage sale, some to be taken to the junk yard, and several handmade things that were assembled with random items. The yard was flourishing with different plants too. Just being surrounded by all the diverse flora and creative objects made me want to plop down and make something.

On other news, I watched my first rugby league game last night at Suncorp Stadium.

Broncos warming up for a victory game!

I’m positive us ‘Mericans, decked out in our maroon and gold, cheering like no one’s business, worked like good luck charms for the Broncos. They pummeled those Bulldogs and my company too was swept into the victorious roars emitted by our ecstatic Aussie fans.

The symbol of a winning team.

What are your thoughts?

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