Raise Your Umbrellas

All us ASC* students got to visit the Queensland Parliament House in Brisbane today. Some of the seats there look deceivingly more comfortable than they are. Also, they had about half a million dollars worth of Irish crystal chandeliers and lights! Fancy and lovely stuff I say.

And it rained and rained and rained outside.

Like our last field-trip(this past Saturday) when we went to North Stradbroke Island where the rain soaked us cold, the wind whipped and roared, and the coast foreshadowed a stormy night. We learned a lot about about the First Nations community and history there. One of the men that spoke to us played the didgeridoo for us as well as let us have a go at throwing boomerangs(I was awful in my two tries).

Today’s weather didn’t stop most of the ASC students from hanging around the city post-parliament tour. Excluding me. I left the city center as soon as I could and I thank God that my KAF** dad was able to give me a lift from one of the bus interchanges so that I didn’t have to find my way in the downpour. The heavens released swelling sheets of water just before I climbed into the truck KAF dad was driving(the truck was for helping a family move).

Back home I read until dinner time then drank a hot cup of Milo to chase away the evening chill…

I think I’ll have an early night. But before I go to bed I’d like to thank my umbrella, a gift from one of my former roommates back in the US, for keeping me dry-ish as well as representing everyone else that’s given me shelter and comfort from the harsher elements in life.


*’Australia Studies Centre’ with BestSemester 

**’Kiwi-Australian Family’ as mentioned in my previous post.


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