“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

In the context of my thankfully less dramatic(less that is, than MLK’s) life, Dr. King’s words are convicting. Yesterday, our chapel speaker at school exhorted us to not just ‘make a difference’ but to ‘make it different’. Speaking up and taking action for a cause, for justice, for love, has not been my forte. When it’s easy, yes. When it’s hard, hardly.

Dr. King’s words also push me to think back and reflect on the opportunities I missed(with every excuse under the sun) in the past. How different would the world be to someone, maybe two, if I had only taken the courage to defend, fight back, or extend a hand. What if I had done something about anything and the world actually became a better place? How would life be different? How would I be different? I’m fortunate enough(and thankful too) to be in a position where even if I were quiet, I personally would not be harmed or oppressed. 

History provides a multitude of examples showing just how powerful words are. I know I can’t speak things into life(I only know of One entity that created life simply by speaking) but I do have a voice. It may be a small voice full of uncertain tremors and ignorance, yet if I speak loud enough then surely someone might hear and listen? Surely I can be someone who does not stay silent when an enemy, in whatever form it might take, threatens. Maybe then my life too would be more dramatic.  


What are your thoughts?

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