Good thing it’s Thursday.

Allow me to share the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly(I have yet to watch the associated film but it’s going on my watchlist).

The Good

It is Thursday so I have no classes or appointments and my one meeting was canceled(the person I was supposed to meet is sick, unfortunately for her). I can stay home and be merry…for the most part.

The Bad

There is a virtual pile of assignments that needs to get done as soon as possible but my bedroom is not usually conducive to such activities. On the plus side, I have access to boiling water for hot caffeinated beverages.

The Ugly

Due to some generous soul with a virus, my trash bin has a growing collections of snotty tissues. So in the end it works out that both the lady I was meeting and I are sick(at the same time) and should stay home. 


What are your thoughts?

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