Tourist Level: 0

Dearest Fellow Wonderer

The truth is, I’m an awful tourist. I’ve come all the way to Australia and I don’t have the motivation to see as much as I possibly can whilst in the land Down Under. I’m led to believe most of my fellow American students do have this motivation which makes them ‘normal’. So what could be wrong with me? It’s as if travelling around to the other side of the world to study is just like any other semester away from home. 

Another truth is, I’ve stopped caring, for the most part, about consuming those expensive places that are highlighted in travel magazines. I’ve absorbed a lot already and without traveling far from Brisbane. Of course it’s awesome that I get to see things that I would never have seen in America, such as the ex-convict Islands on Moreton Bay or a fine layer of Vegemite and butter on toast. And it definitely doesn’t mean I’m going to cancel my flight to New Zealand where I hope to see the reportedly clearest lake in the world. 

So what does it mean for the defunct tourist in me? I mean, I still love to explore and revel in nature’s beauty. I still want to be able to say I’ve been there. I want to see the wondrous Great Barrier Reef before it’s final desolation(if it gets to that point). I want to see a live koala in ‘the wild’ although one in a zoo would be cool too. I want to stroll down a beach walk in Sunshine Coast. But I could also live without it. In fact, I can thrive without it. I’m not wasting my time here by not doing all these things. What I mean is, why be afraid of missing out on things? Why be sad? Life is too short to fit every fun thing and every meaningful thing in it. Often they overlap so I’m trying to focus more on the meaningful and significant. I find that with a good attitude I have a good time anyway. 


The Terrible Tourist


What are your thoughts?

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