Food is a Universal Language

As usual, things are upside down in the land Down Under. For one, Aussies celebrate Father’s Day in September instead of June. For another, their location on the other side of the globe from America makes it impossible for both countries to be right side up with each other. Does that explain why we each think the other backwards? Probably not (at least, for better and for worse, we share some similarities thanks to our shared European ancestors and globalization).

But the one important thing that the US and Oz have in common is that we both celebrate Father’s day with a good ol’ get together around delicious sizzling, grilled, and/or roasted meat (unless everyone happens to be vegetarian/vegan). The KAF had some relatives over and I basically ate enough for 3 people. The salads and sides were equally fine. But the cherry on top? KAF dad’s sister had baked the most divine brownie that was topped with raspberry glaze and whipped cream. I mean to tell you a piece of heaven had landed in the form of a dessert and I knew for sure that there was a Creator that had blessed this lady in the culinary arts. 

Eating is a pretty normal thing, though what you’re eating may vary, no matter what culture you’re in. So my advice to anyone who can’t seem to find that conversation connection with the the new guy from country X, asking them about their food preference might do the trick.


What are your thoughts?

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