To the Red Dust

In a few hours, just before sunrise, I shall embark on another adventure! I will be going to Charleville with the rest of the ASC gang to spend a few nights in the Outback. We won’t be back until Sunday night. Many things can happen in those 4 days and I’m quite excited… I just need to finish packing and take my nap.

I may not be showering for the whole trip as a sort of challenge that our ASC coordinators gave us. On the bus home today I accidentally sat next to a lad(there were many other kids in school uniforms going home as it was that time of day) that had some serious BO. It wasn’t his fault of course and you have people that smell like all kinds of stuff when taking public transit. But I still had to face away to keep my breathing normal. Anyway, it made me wonder how bad I could smell before I noticed my own stench. Then I wondered how bad I could smell before others noticed. Will I ever find out? Most people probably wouldn’t say anything as I did not to the poor stinking boy.

I expect to return from Charleville a little dusty and perhaps a couple shades darker. Till then,



What are your thoughts?

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