Friday Accomplishments

Things I did today that are not quite accomplishments but make me feel like I made good use of my Friday holiday:

  • Woke up before my alarm went off (which is actually a common thing in this household of early birds)
  • Finished a major assignment and turned it in -only I forgot to check for words that I spelled the American way instead of the Australian way…
  • Had a picnic with KAF sister and her friends at Wellington Point
  • Saved a sea slug from shriveling up at Wellington Point like the many beached jellyfish
  • Finally watched the first Captain American
  • Made a list from A to Z of things I could do instead of laying down on the couch while KAF mom was knitting
  • Made porcupine meatballs with KAF sister -first time I’d ever heard of such a thing but super easy!
  • Learned interesting stuff about the NYC subway via a MegaCities documentary (I have to say a spark of pride for my home state and country was lit)
  • Currently watching Rise of the Guardians
  • Started on another essay due in a few days, as in, read the prompt and wrote a couple words
  • Finished a little sketch from ages ago… clearly I need to get back in to drawing
  • Wrote this post

The night is young, what shall I do??


What are your thoughts?

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