Great Scotts! I’m going to Sydney!

Is it already that time? Our Sydney trip is the last ASC trip before the program ends and I must leave Australia. This is both sad and exciting, as goodbyes usually are. At the moment though, I’m preoccupied by the prospect of stepping(or flying to be more precise) out of Queensland and into New South Wales for the first time. Once again, I’m caught in the joy of one who receives so much more that she deserves. Only last week I got to spend a couple nights at King’s Beach in the Sunshine Coast; have a picnic at Wellington Point; visit Mount Coot-tha with KAF and extended KAF; and got to swim at Burleigh Beach (which is in the Gold Coast) with lovely folks. In between I did have to do some assignment work but that was alright.

And now to Sydney! What exactly we’ll be doing, us students probably won’t have a clue until we meet at 4:15 am tomorrow and even then, maybe not. Fortunately, I’m a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of person so I’m not concerned about that. All I know is that a lot of walking and a free Saturday evening will be allotted to us. Till next time!


What are your thoughts?

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