Wednesday Wondering: What if I read the Bible more?

Dang it all! Why is it so hard for me to just stop and read the Bible? Just a few minutes a day is all I ask of myself. I have it on my desk right next to me and I see it every morning after I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. It’s so easy to go on BibleGateway where I don’t even have to read it to myself because it can read it aloud for me. I carry it on my phone everywhere I go so I don’t have an excuse.

No excuse… and yet I’ll read scriptures steadily for a few days, then not read at all for many days, read some for a couple days, then not for a lot of days, and so on. What if the Bible suddenly became scarce and I was one of the lucky few that hand one? Would I then have the sense to treasure and long for God’s word like the psalmist. I know I’m a cyclical being with many habits that fluctuate like that whether it’s with writing or drawing, or even watching movies. The only thing I almost never fail to do is make my bed each morning. But this is important. My life might be radically different if I incorporated more of God’s word into my daily tasks, prayers, and activities.

Baby steps, baby steps.

End of rant.


What are your thoughts?

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