Wednesday Wondering: What was in the bag?

I was on my way to school, my backpack on my lap, with my KAF brother in the driver’s seat. Then I caught a fruity scent coming from my bag. Maybe my fruit salad container was leaking. At school I took out my lunch and saw that there was no fruit juice spill.

After storing my fruit salad in a refrigerator, I booked a study room in the library named the “Think Tank” and settled in to get work done. Then I smelled it coming from the bag again.

I emptied the bag one pocket at a time and on reaching the last and least used compartment I find the source. A banana was sitting at the bottom of the deep pocket. Completely black with a little tuft of white at one end, the banana had ripened, over-ripened, and had started to grow mold in my bag. How long was that in there? I cannot remember but it must have been stewing in there since sometime before I left for Sydney. Ewww.

Regretfully I had to throw out a whole banana. On the plus side, my bag bears no lasting marks from its banana ordeal.


What are your thoughts?

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