Tuesday Tiny Tale #15

Felis, a newly emerged flea adult had a hard life. It wasn’t because he had to grow up eating fecal matter and vegetables in his early days. Nor was it because his host cat kept trying to scratch him off -he was too fast anyway. The truth was, everybody, even the cat, hated him and he didn’t know why. It wasn’t so much hurt feelings as it was a difficult question that made his life hard. He once heard the humans say that “Fluffy” needed to get anti-flea medication and according to the humans, that would do the trick, that would kill all the fleas.

Finally one day, the curious flea asked his wise uncle, Fred the Flea King, why it was that everybody disliked them. The Flea King said that it was because they didn’t know just how good and peaceful some fleas like themselves were. They didn’t like us extracting even a couple drops of their blood. Fred the Flea King said that to harvest and drink blood was the flea’s lot and whether it was on cats, dogs, or humans, there was nothing they could do to make humans hate them less.

Felis thought this mightily unfair. What was more important to preserve -the life of a whole community of fleas or a little bit of cat blood that would have been used for food? After all, humans killed thousands of chickens, cows and every other living thing every day for food. Couldn’t they leave the fleas alone? Even if it was only the cat fleas?

Yet, as unjust as this felt, Felis followed his uncle Fred’s peaceful leadership and accepted his fate. It was to the flea’s benefit that he was so small and insignificant because it made it hard for him to contain, much less hold onto, any deep feelings of anger or bitterness.


What are your thoughts?

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