Excuses, excuses…

It’s been ages since I’ve written my last entry -three weeks to be exact. That can all be very well explained even if nobody wants to hear excuses. So then, what was I doing if not blogging for three weeks? Let me tell you, I’ve been having the time of my life, as per usual.

After packing up all the knickknacks I’d collected in Australia and bearing through too many farewells, I flew over to New Zealand where I stayed with my KAF mom’s parents (talk about meeting the whole family! Now I just need to meet the second cousins twice removed and whatnot). I seriously could not have asked for more obliging hosts in NZ. The only downside was that I did’t have internet access on my laptop so I never opened it the whole time I was there. Even that was a blessing since I was released from much of the self-imposed pressures of social networking and blogging. Besides, who needs the internet when you have a whole country to explore in only ten days? And explore I did (tune in later for more of that).

After my days were up I flew over to Hawaii and snatched a few nights with my super cool cousin who currently teaches at Mililani Middle School. Like before, I wanted to stay longer than I got to. Still, I’m happy I got to visit at all.

Finally, I arrived home this past Wednesday, exhausted by three flights between Honolulu and St. Louis with an overnight layover in San Jose. It was another three hours to drive home from the airport.

The next morning to night, I devoted my time to scrubbing and organizing the house. A house changes when two males, aka, Mr. Dad and The Bro, live in a house alone. There was a brief visitation from my friendly neighbors and I discovered a box of canned tuna under the sink. Yesterday I researched different canned tuna dishes. Our supply should last past the new year even if I were to eat tuna every single day for the rest of the year…

Our lovely neighbors then invited me to their Russian American church’s Worship Night so Friday ended with them -an interesting lot, no doubt. Lovely people too. And now, here I am kind of missing the Hawaii and Queensland sun. Which is better, to be burnt like toast or turn into a popsicle? I don’t know, my favorite is the milder and colorful parts of Autumn and the delightful blossoms of late spring.

Okay, so there’s my return update. I’ll be home til school starts in January which leaves about seven weeks of who knows what mischief adventures I await in Missouri.


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