It’s Thanksgiving in America and Mac and Cheese Will NOT be Eaten

Dearest Readers,

During this season of pardoning turkeys and celebrating our blessings, I’d like to thank you, you beautiful few, who have read my tales, clicked the little stars, and followed my blog. I started this WordPress account as a way to make myself write more. I didn’t choose a set theme or audience target or most of the other advice I read on blogging, mostly because I didn’t do my research until after I had already established a routine. Sooo I am considering starting another blog that has more focus. Just a thought really(but you know how thoughts can turn into ideas and all). Have no fear, Ink Spot would still continue without any changes.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around and happy Thanksgiving to my American friends(and Canadians??)! It might also be good to look up the First Nations (Native American) views on Thanksgiving and compare it to what many of us have learned in elementary school. The painful history of the early thanksgiving celebrations between Indians and Pilgrims are often taught through very rosy lens so I would encourage us to proactively become aware of things like National Day of Mourning and why it was created. Other than that, I still celebrate Thanksgiving as a day to express gratitude for our provisions, family, and friends, by gathering together, sharing good food, and giving to others. Perhaps it’s a practice that should happen more often?

For my non-American friends, a happy day to you too!


The Grateful Blogger

P.S. Please, no one die from Black Friday shopping. Consider how precious life is even without that pair of boot that are 80% off… actually, you might need those pair of boots for the winter.


What are your thoughts?

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