Huka Falls in Taupo, New Zealand with Glasses

A brief review on Huka Falls and then some:

Huka Falls

The Waikato River, flowing 264 miles(435 km), runs as the longest river in New Zealand. I got to see a lot of it during my time in the country. My lovely hosts took me to Huka Falls, part of the Waikato River, where I could marvel at the pristine blue water roaring through a narrow channel and a couple waterfalls. The size, of course, does not hold a candle next to what I witnessed at Niagara Falls, but for the country’s size, it’s still impressive. Its natural beauty, not ravaged by tourism, is still a popular attraction and some go there to exercise on the trails. If you’re in Taupo, why not stop by?

[end of review]

Aside from a little visit to the waterfalls, I was able to see, experience, and learn many things in New Zealand. A large part of that was made possible by this couple(meet some of my extended KAF!):

Shirley and Bruce at Huka Falls. One thing we three have in common is we have to wear vision enhancers(a.k.a glasses).

It was a wonderful privilege to live the short ten days with them. They introduced me to several members of their community as well as more of the extended KAF. I spent hours in their ute watching the hilly landscape, or dozing off, as we drove around the Norther Island and I couldn’t be more grateful. Needless to say, if I get the chance to visit these Kiwis again at their beautiful home, I’ll be on that plane or ship as fast as if I were going to Middle-earth.



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