December is Cold here… but Christmas!

A thin layer of snow has coated the outside world in Springfield, MO. Our grill is frozen over with icicles hanging from the shelves. I really do want to walk but I think it be might too cold. At least that’s my excuse. Actually, I’m waiting for someone to come over and take a look at our toilet tank. The float arm is so rusted that one flush keeps the toilet in a constant semi-flushing mode -that’s Mr. Dad’s diagnosis. So I’ll have to stay home for that person. Besides, I can see so much beauty from inside the house. A gorgeous pair of fluffed up cardinals, one a bright red male, the other a warm brown female with red markings, landed in a bush right outside our windows. They ate the little red berries on the bush and didn’t seem to care even when I had my face an inch in front of the window(I might have pressed my forehead against the window if they weren’t so cold). After a couple minutes my phone rang and it either scared them away or they have just happened to dash off as soon as my ringtone started blaring into the quiet house.

Moral of the story? Even nature knows the dangers of a smartphone. Nature also has the power to keep me indoors.

Also, the Christmas countdown begins(for me anyways)! Whoohoo! I have a friend who starts the countdown from a hundred days before while some even start the day after Christmas… Anyway, I’m super duper excited for this season of Advent and for everything it represents from Christ’s birth to the hope of his Second Coming



What are your thoughts?

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