Have you had your bowl of 떡국 today?

Happy New Year folks!

A whole new spiffy year is ahead of us. Traditionally, Koreans recognized everyone was a year older on New Year’s day(at first using the lunisolar calendar but now adopting the tradition into the Gregorian one) after eating a bowl of 떡국* (Dduk gook or tteokguk). So if you’ve never had a bowl of 떡국, you’re still only a one-year-old!

On another note, I know I’ve been MIA for a while and that has to do with no longer having WiFi at home. I’m currently borrowing a cemetery’s internet access …ha..ha…ha.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s has been enjoying the holidays. My grandmother came over on Christmas and she and I cooked up a storm every day until she left on New Year’s Eve. I learned a few useful tips for cooking Korean food -yay! Since I didn’t get distracted by the World Wide Web, I was better able to devote my brain towards absorbing my grandmother’s culinary wisdom. Thanks grandma (^.^).

Alright, gotta leave the cemetery and go make some 떡국 for dinner!

*떡국 is a Korean rice cake soup often garnished with egg, dried seaweed, and green onion. If you want to make some, here’s a good recipe.


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