Farewell Springfield!

So WiFi is back up in the house since yesterday. Well that’s great, except I leave tomorrow for school (practically everything I own in Missouri is packed and ready for loading into our stick shift Toyota Corolla).

But all’s well because I spent most of last night laughing at Jimmy Fallon on my little screen. Tonight however, I clean the kitchen I’ve been living in for the past couple months for the last time until who knows when, if ever. Clearly this fact makes today pretty significant.

How did I spend this special day you ask? I did very important things as usual, such as grocery shopping, returning library books, and making a friend eat my experimental cooking while discussing how we both don’t know what we’re doing after we graduate. Luckily for her she has another year and a half ahead of her. I, on the other hand, have a single glorious semester left in Wheaton College to prepare for the ‘real world’.

So long Springfield, Missouri!


What are your thoughts?

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