Friday Features as an Ice Cream Lady

Dear Friends,

I am a part-time ice cream lady.

Today at the store a gentleman came in with three colleagues and bought them all ice cream. It was easy to banter with them as often is the case with happy people who buy ice cream on their lunch breaks. I also don’t mind hearing the same jokes over and over again since I get to think of wittier responses the next time I hear a same old same old. As I played along to the familiar string of ice cream sample jokes(indeed they do exist), I was immediately surprised by the gentleman’s pale eyes. His suntanned skin must have made it even more startling. I vaguely remember him having angular features and being smaller than his peers. But mostly, I can picture his icy irises being so light I couldn’t tell if they were more blue or gray. They made his pupils so much darker along with the rest of his body and clothes. I shall not forget those pale discs even though I could not tell you the shape of this eyes or how old he looked by his wrinkles.

That is all.

Goodnight lovelies!


What are your thoughts?

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