My Grace is Not Enough

I’m tired of people who don’t keep their word, of people who don’t honor what they say. I don’t care if part of it is cultural. I’m tired of people who use smooth talk and too much talk. I’m tired of people whose words I’ve stopped trusting in. I’m tired of thinking about these people I have to deal with and then sitting in my room and getting angry. I’m also tired of realizing I’m just like them.

Then I’m reminded.

I do not have enough mercy and grace in my body. People are not perfect. People are people, at once loving and fickle. My standards are too constricting and my perspective deficient. I too am a warped edition of what I should be. Obviously, I’m not qualified to pass judgement on most things so I just need to forgive and let go.

Thank God I can run on His mercies, which are new every morning, instead of the measly amount I muster on my own.


2 thoughts on “My Grace is Not Enough

  1. Thanks for posting. I sometimes look at myself in the same light.

    In a related, yet unrelated vein, Neil deGrasse Tyson recently tweeted “If you’re good a BS’ing others, then all it means is that you rarely hang around people who are smarter than you.” This may not be applicable to all of us, but I think of it as a note to self reminder to pay attention to my interactions in general with others.

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