Contemplating a Male Roommate

In case you didn’t know, I am of the female persuasion(a.k.a., a girl). Thus I have generally kept to female roommates or housemates(excluding family members), partially due to the housing options available at the college I attended.

Today it took me an HOUR to mow our lawn. Which served as my exercise of the day so it wasn’t too bad. But I was really tempted to call up some chivalrous guy friend to do the job for me in exchange for food. While I was mowing away our front, side, and back lawns I began to think about how nice it would be to have a stronger-than-me male housemate who could do the heavier duty tasks like roll out the garbage bins on Tuesday mornings or cut the fast-growing grass once a week. So long as they kept clean and were respectful it would work out great.

Or I could just rent an apartment instead of a house so I don’t have to deal with a lawn altogether.


What are your thoughts?

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