Tuesday Tiny Tale #17

Katrina had a fear of ants. In fact, because of her fear, she hated them. When she saw one, she would stomp on them, squish them, smush them to death. Oddly enough, this made her even more afraid of them as the idea came to her one day, what if ants suddenly became intelligent enough to mobilize and take revenge against her? This fear made her want to kill every ant she saw so as not to have any ant witnesses.

One night, an incredible thing happened to Katrina. She found herself turned into an ant and was carrying a heavy seed, twice here size, in her jaws. As she was scurrying along a shadow came over her and she looked up to see the bottom of a giant shoe –her shoe closing down on her! Katrina the ant scurried as fast as she could but the shoe was too big and fast. The shoe came down closer and closer until all went black.

Fortunately this was only a nightmare and Katrina woke up in a cold sweat. But one might say she woke up as a new person because she never did kill another ant afterward.


What are your thoughts?

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