It’s the Little Things

I was holding my freshly filled hummingbird feeder by the top hook ready to hang it back on my makeshift feeder pole when I heard the telltale sound of a hummer whizzing around me. I lifted the feeder to eye level and watched the little emerald bird cock its head at me and take turns drinking from my three plastic flowers. I almost extended my free hand to see if it would perch on my finger but my rationale kicked in and said I would scare it away.

Assembled a couple old objects sitting in the garage to make my feeder pole.

I like watching the birds, butterflies, chipmunks and bunnies from my kitchen windows. They’re soothing and fun. They remind me of God’s providence over my life just as He provides for the smallest of his creatures. I have less than a week to enjoy this view as I’ll be on the move again. I shall make the most of it!


What are your thoughts?

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